Single Row Ball Bearings

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Single row deep groove ball bearings are the most widely used roller bearing type in the world due to their versatility and overall performance. They are characterized by having deep raceway grooves in which the inner and outer rings have circular arcs of slightly larger radius than that of the balls. They also have non-separable rings. Their straight forward basic design has many advantanges:Excellent for high speeds.Good radial load capacity.Acceptable axial load capacity in both directions.Have low torque capacity at startup and running speeds.Can operate with low noise.Require little maintenance

As flexible as the performance is, the configurations of single row ball bearnigs is also as versatile. These bearings often have steel shields or rubber seals installed on one or both sides and are pre-lubricated with grease. Also, snap rings are sometimes used on the outside edge. While many different retainers are available, pressed steel cages are most commonly used. Even tapered bores are available upon special order.

NICE BALL BEARING 3002FDCTNTG18 Single Row Ball Bearings

SYK 504 0.25 kg
0.375 in 64.5 mm

NICE BALL BEARING 1640DCTNTG18 Single Row Ball Bearings

6700 rpm 2.00 mm
8000 rpm 27.00 mm

NICE BALL BEARING 1633DCTNTG18 Single Row Ball Bearings

2 x LOR 187 121 kN
149.1 N·m 2 x B10724-188

NICE BALL BEARING 1630DSTNTG18 Single Row Ball Bearings

146 mm HMV 38 E
KM 38 170 mm

NICE BALL BEARING 1620DSTNTG18 Single Row Ball Bearings

600.075 mm EPR 19
46.3 kN 41.275 mm

NICE BALL BEARING 1604DSTNTG18 Single Row Ball Bearings

331 kN 80 mm
2.8 93 mm

NICE BALL BEARING 1602DSTNTG18 Single Row Ball Bearings

60.000 mm 3400 rpm
2.00 mm 4500 rpm

NICE BALL BEARING 1603DCTNTG18 Single Row Ball Bearings

222 kN 495.3 mm
139.7 mm SAFS 056 KAUA

CONSOLIDATED BEARING 88505 NR Single Row Ball Bearings

108 kN 11.8 kN
12 mm 7000 r/min

NICE BALL BEARING 1602DCTNTG18 Single Row Ball Bearings

140 mm 90 mm
150 kN 26.490 kN

CONSOLIDATED BEARING 88128 Single Row Ball Bearings

1.8 447 mm
330 mm 1.8